Drums at Spicemix

I'm committed to making the most out of whatever budget you're working with.
These are some general examples, please come chat and let's find out what will work for you.

A solo acoustic album for a singer-songwriter can be done as cheaply as $500 all-in.

A full-length album can be mixed to radio standard for as little as $2500.
Individual fully arranged song mixes start at $400. Add $50/song for mastering.

Comprehensive, fully arranged album productions start around $5000
and go up to $25K or more, including session players and fine detail work.

The basic rate for studio time at Spicemix is $75/hour,
which includes Peter Jensen as your engineer.

Currently we have two promotional packages running:

Please email or call to see if we have any other promotions running for your needs.

We accept cash and personal checks, and also credit cards via Square or Paypal:

Please contact peter@spicemix.pro for a free consultation and studio tour.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have about working here.
(415) 407-4557